• To conduct research on subjects related to Magars and promote awareness among them.
  • To organize various activities of economic development in Magarat to improve the living standard of local people.
  • To undertake activities for the achievement of Magarat autonomy under the federal system to ensure country’s national integrity and sovereignty as well as sustainable development by promoting communal harmony among different ethnic groups and communities.
  • To work for human rights, indigenous rights and women rights.
  • To carry out campaign to improve educational status of Magars and back warded communities.
  • Develop Magar languages and make effort for state recognition of the same.
  • Help create broader national culture and unity through reciprocal cooperation with other Indigenous Peoples Organizations.
  • Advocate for Primary education in mother tongue and teaching of Magar languages in higher education.
  • Make efforts for establishing rights of Magar community on indigenous natural resources.
  • Establish close ties with national and international organizations to implement the study, research and development of the Magar culture and their languages.
  • Implement empowerment programs for the Magar community and make effort for reducing poverty in the community.

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